Boston Cabs to Logan Airport

Whether you’re traveling for business or going on a family vacation, Boston Taxis & Vans makes your trip to Logan Airport as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Our Logan cabs are available 24 hours, 7 days a week, making it easy for you to get to the airport whenever you want to. We offer you the convenience of arranging a reservation by phone or booking online at If you want to call when you are ready, then give us a ring 20 minutes prior to your pickup (leaving extra time during rush hour or inclement weather). For those of you that like to plan ahead, we can further reduce the stress of traveling with advance reservations! Booking reservations to Logan days in advance allows you one less task to worry about. 

Along with traveling comes baggage, and sometimes there’s lots of it! Boston Taxis & Vans has a wide range of taxi cabs and taxi vans to accommodate your luggage needs. Our standard taxis are quite roomier than average, allowing 3 (larger) checked suitcases and 1 (smaller) carry-on for one trip! We also offer taxi SUV’s, and taxi van cabs in multiple sizes in case you need more trunk room for oversized objects, such as ski bags, bikes, and musical instruments. Our larger Boston van cabs can also accommodate 5, 7, and up to 15 passengers at one time, making it a great option for family trips or spring break plans with friends.

All Boston cabs to Logan airport take credit cards. We accept all major credit cards and can send electronic receipts which make it super convenient for business travelers who need to submit travel expenses. Companies can also set up a corporate account with Boston Taxis & Vans for clients’ trips to Logan. 

Unsure of the price of a taxi ride to Logan Airport? Are you worried that it may be too much if you leave around 5pm (rush hour) during the weekday? Or are you wondering what the price difference may be if you needed to take a taxi van instead? Well, then just call and ask! Boston Taxis and Vans can quote you a flat rate to Logan Airport when you call with an exact pickup address. Representatives would also be able to discuss your best travel options if you are unsure of what size vehicle you need because of your luggage.

Just another way Boston Taxis and Vans create more fun and less stress for your trip!